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Top Website Optimisation Techniques to Boost Black Friday 2023 Sales and Conversions

Two huge sales-generating events, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are around the corner. I'm sure you've already thought about the great deals and exclusive discounts you're going to offer - but have you thought about getting your website ready?

One of the most important things you can do to boost your Black Friday sales and conversions is to optimise your website. By making a few simple changes to your website design and functionality, you can create a seamless shopping experience for your customers and increase your chances of making a sale.

This year’s Black Friday will happen on 24th November, followed by Cyber Monday on November 27th. To make sure your website and content is all ready, we have prepared a list of Top 10 Black Friday Tips with our best ideas and advice for a successful Black Friday.

Whether you're an experienced online retailer or just starting out, these tips will help you make the most of this important shopping event. So, let's get started!

1. Get Your Marketing Ready

Marketing is key for making both new and existing customers aware that you will be participating in Black Friday and 📣 alert them to your offers. Many consumers rely on email newsletters and social media to find out about deals so make sure you are utilising these channels.

There will be a lot of marketing noise throughout the Black Friday weekend so make sure you go the extra mile to make yours stand out from the crowd!

2. Check Your SEO & Do You Keyword Research

It goes without saying that the more general ‘Black Friday 2022’/‘Cyber Monday 2022’ sale keywords will have so much competition for them across the bigger companies that unless you work for the likes of Amazon etc your time will be better spent elsewhere.

However, a combination of your 🎯 target keyword and the ‘Black Friday’/‘Cyber Monday’ and your product might be worth experimenting - people might be searching for your specific products with the desired variable.

Check your SEO metadata and update any pages related to Black Friday 2022 so they are relevant and up to date with your offers.

💡 Check out these articles for more information about SEO and keyword research

3. Use Dedicated Black Friday Landing Pages

By creating specific landing pages for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns, online shoppers can easily access the specific pages for deals they’re looking for.

Once you have attracted customers to your site, you need to be able to keep them there. Your landing page needs to be attention-grabbing and informative with clear CTA’s to your offer.

The page needs to be user-friendly and give potential customers no excuse to turn away. And make sure discounts are clearly visible so that visitors know exactly how much they are saving.

And lastly, manage expectations! If you’re experiencing high volumes of traffic let customers know if there are any delays, or add something visually appealing to look at while they’re waiting for a page to load.

💡 Check out these articles for more information about optimising your landing pages

4. Optimise Your Thank You Pages

Your thank you pages have the potential to nurture customers and to be one of the highest converting pages on your site, and yet they’re often thrown together as an afterthought.

So rather than just saying thank you use this page to take another step with your customer - promote your blog, show them another product or service they might be interested in, tell them to join your Facebook group. There are endless of opportunities, so make sure your optimise your thank you page.

5. Start Early and End Late

Black Friday is something you should start thinking about today. If you leave things too late, there is a big chance that you could miss out entirely on the boosted business available.

Keep your audience engaged on social media and with marketing emails. Offer early access deals to subscribers and add a countdown timer to your website. By starting early you will have time to tweak your deals and figure out what works best.

Once Black Friday hits, extend your offer for the full weekend and include Cyber Monday if it’s relevant to your business.

💡 If you're selling something that might be used as a Christmas gift then consider extending your returns period to January. This will not only make your offer stand out, but also give customers peace of mind, making them more likely to go ahead with their purchase.

6. Focus on Mobile

In 2021, 71% of Black Friday purchases were made from mobile devices, compared to only 29% on desktops. It’s crucial to make sure your website and product pages look great on mobile devices, and to ensure a smooth customer experience for mobile users.

7. Create Urgency

Urgency increases conversions! Making customers think they’re about to miss out on a great product offer might help your site seal the deal.

Adding a countdown timer, either to your website’s homepage or on a product-specific landing page, is one way to create a sense of urgency around your offers. The closer the countdown clock is to zero, the more urgent it becomes, and the more likely your users are to order there and then to avoid missing out on the great deal.

8. Stock up on Merchandise and Supplies

If you're running a eCommerce store then make sure you’re full stocked! This is a good time to restock on best-sellers and introduce deals to get slow-movers off your shelves.

9. Get Creative

Make sure your site looks like it’s participating in the party! Shoppers are looking for pages offering holiday specials. Let them know immediately upon entering your online shop they’re in the right place.

10. Make Checkout Dead Simple

Give your customers plenty of options in how they pay, and make the payment procedure simple. Never ask for more information than you need. Focus on getting the sale 💰

It’s Never Too Late to Start Optimising Your Website

In conclusion, optimising your website is key to boosting your Black Friday sales and conversions.

👍 By improving website speed and performance, implementing a mobile-friendly design, using high-quality product images and descriptions, simplifying the checkout process, offering discounts and deals, and creating urgency and scarcity, you can create a seamless shopping experience for your customers and increase your chances of making a sale.

🏆 Remember, Black Friday is a highly competitive shopping event, so it's important to take every opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

By implementing these website optimisation techniques, you can create a website that is both visually appealing and user-friendly, making it easier for your customers to find what they're looking for and make a purchase.

We hope you've found this blog post helpful and informative. If you have any questions or would like to share your own website optimisation tips, feel free to leave a comment below.

🛍️ And don't forget to apply these techniques to your website in time for Black Friday 2023 – happy selling!

If you’re still not sure what to start improving on your website or don’t have time to manage your conversion optimisation on your own, get in touch and let us help you.

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