Customer Experience Metrics: How you can easily measure your CX

“If you can’t measure it, You can’t improve it” – Peter Drucker

Taking the time to build and implement a customer experience strategy takes time and hard work.  You need to make sure your hard work is paid off and your customers are engaged, happy and satisfied with your service.  

So how do you do that? By using customer experience metrics to measure and consistently improve on the service you’re providing.  

The first step to choosing your metric or combination of metrics is to determine exactly what you want to measure.

  1. Is it a specific product or service?

  2. Is it the overall satisfaction of a ticket desk service?

  3. Will the customer be likely to purchase again?

  4. Is it related to the speed of service?

  5. The performance of your live chat function?

Once you determine what you want to measure, you can then choose the best method to use or the best combination of methods.