Use These 4 Features on Your Thank You Pages to Boost Conversions

Something I see time and time again as a conversion expert is many website owners and marketers who are casually disregarding a crucial part of the funnel and a critical landing page in their campaigns - their thank you pages!

They’re overlooking a part of the funnel that has a huge impact on 1) retaining your converted visitors and 2) actually increasing conversion rates.

When my clients hire me to help optimise conversion along the customer journey, I see the same thing time and again: this idea that the journey ends when the visitor hits “sign up or buy”? But it shouldn't stop there - the journey continues over on your thank you pages!

Are You Leaving Money on the Table With Your Thank You Pages?

Your thank you pages have the potential to nurture leads and to be one of the highest

converting pages on your site, and yet they’re often thrown together as an afterthought.