12 Top eCommerce Key Metrics That You Should be Tracking

eCommerce key metrics

There are many ways to launch, grow, and scale an eCommerce business. But, if you don’t measure the results of your efforts, you’ll never know how to improve them.

There are thousands of eCommerce key metrics you can track, but only some of them directly represent the state of your business and can be turned into actionable insights that help you grow.

What are eCommerce Metrics?

eCommerce metrics define your website’s performance, and by measuring and analysing them, you can understand the scope of improvement for your business.

In this post, I’ll cover the best eCommerce metrics to track throughout the customer journey. I'll break them down into 3 phases, Awareness metrics, Conversion Metrics and Loyalty Metrics.

Key Awareness Metrics

The awareness phase of the Customer Journey correlates with the marketing efforts for your business. This is the stage where the potential customer is first learning about your company, brand and products/service

As this is your first interaction with potential customers, it’s important that you focus your efforts on the right customers.