5 Tops Tips for Mapping The Customer Journey

Before we get into the tips for mapping the customer journey, I should clarify for those of you that aren’t familiar with Journey Maps what they are and how they can boost your revenue.

Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty by Mapping the Customer Journey!

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every experience your customers have with you. It helps to tell the story of their experience with your brand. From the original engagement through to a long-term relationship (fingers crossed!).

By following your customers journey, you can pinpoint any pain points, gaps or frustrations the customer may have. You can then create a plan to improve these.

If customers are diverting from the original goal or abandoning the journey altogether, you can make the necessary changes to steer them in the right direction. This is where the customer journey map becomes a tool you can use to increase revenue.

Here is my blog on how to create your own customer journey map if you’d like to explore mapping the customer journey in more detail. 

5 Top Tips for Mapping the Customer Journey

  1. Embrace that the journey is rational, emotional, and psychological.

  2. Look for the hidden aspects of a customer journey.

  3. Create a frictionless experience for your customers

  4. Create wow customer moments

  5. Nudge customer decision-making.

1. Embrace that the Journey is Rational, Emotional and Psychological