10 Tips to Creating Really Good Abandoned Cart Emails

Good abandoned cart emails article
Good abandoned cart emails win back lost customers

Are you sending out abandoned cart emails when your visitors leave without purchasing? If not, you’re missing out on huge amounts of income! In this article, i'm going to show you how you can start converting more abandoned visitors into customers by creating really good abandoned cart emails.

Good Abandoned Here's What You Need to Know

- What are abandoned cart emails?

- Why do people abandon online shopping carts?

- Do abandoned cart emails work?

- When is the best time for abandoned cart email?

- Best practices for abandoned cart emails

Plus I wanted to share with you some of the best examples of abandoned cart emails.

So lets get started...

What Are Abandoned Cart Emails?

An abandoned cart email is a follow up/retargeting email that is sent to visitors who have added a product to your their cart then left the website purchasing.

3 out of every 4 shoppers leave a website without finishing the checkout process! So it's important to try and recover some of this lost revenue.

one of the big benefits having good abandoned cart emails is they can be automated. You can set up a series of emails that go out all on its own once someone has abandoned their cart – and win back sales that would otherwise have disappeared.

Why Do People Abandoned Their Carts?

There are many reasons people abandon their carts, some are due to the website and some the customer themselves. Here are some common reasons people abandon online carts:

- Interruption

- Just browsing

- Lack of urgency

- Unexpected costs such as VAT or delivery

- Delivery to expensive or not free

- The checkout process was too long-winded

- No guest checkout

- Website navigation was too complicated / fault on the site

- Lack of return or exchange information

Some abandoned shopping carts you can’t do anything about. Some people are just browsing or comparison shopping – they were never going to buy.

But there are lots of reasons that you can influence for example: price, delivery costs, long check out process, page load speed, payment options and much more.

To understand which of these reasons could be an issue on your site, We'd recommend reviewing your customer journey. Take a step back look at your site in the shoes of a customer and look for any pain pains and areas of improvement.

Often a quick fix such as a page load issue or streamlining the checkout process can see cart abandonment improve significantly. If you need any help or would like a third party to review your process then get in touch, we'd be happy to help.

However, even the best processes will have people abandon the cart because of interruption, not ready to purchase, lack of urgency. This is where cart abandonment emails come in…

Do Abandoned Cart Emails Work?

The simple answer is yes, abandoned cart emails work to recover lost sales! They are a powerful (and simple) way to boost your sales. And it’s as easy as setting up abandoned cart emails in your email marketing software of website platform.

When is the Best Time to Send an Abandoned Cart Email?

When people leave their shopping cart, they’re often still interested in your product. They just ran into one of the issues mentioned above.

If you engage with them quickly and address the issue that caused them to abandon the cart, you can turn things around. The timing of your abandoned cart email is critical.

Here’s what they found about the effectiveness of abandoned cart emails, based on how quickly they were sent:

According to salesforce, the highest conversion rate occurs when the abandoned cart email is sent immediately after the buyer bailed on the purchase. By sending your email within the first hour, you’ll have the greatest success. The success rate drops dramatically the longer you wait to send it.

What Elements Contribute to Successful, High Converting Abandonment Cart Emails?