How to Optimise Your eCommerce Homepage to Increase Sales

how to optimise your eCommerce homepage example

Your entire eCommerce website is built for one thing: to drive customers to conversion. Your eCommerce homepage plays a crucial role in the customer journey, it has to instantly tell visitors who you are and what you offer—and convince them to stay, shop and buy.

Imagine walking up to a restaurant, you’re more likely to go in and check out the menu if the restaurant looks inviting.

Your homepage is your storefront. It needs to be well designed, easy-to-navigate and it should clearly display what the customer is looking for to encourage the next step - the purchase!

After 15+ years working in eCommerce marketing, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to design a high converting eCommerce homepage!

In this article article I share with you the most important elements you need to optimise your homepage to move visitors through your sales funnel to checkout.

15 eCommerce Homepage Elements to Increase Product Sales

1. Brand Identity

Your page should immediately shout who you are and what you offer, so customers know they’ve come to the right place. Your company logo and colours foster trust: customers who recognise and remember you feel more comfortable on your site.