Improve the Customer Journey with Google Analytics 

You probably already use Google Analytics (or a similar analytics solution) on your website but are you using it to its full potential? In this article I’m going to show you how you can improve your customer journey with Google Analytics, and increase your conversions.

Improve the Customer Journey

Google Analytics provides valuable insights that can help you shape your business success strategy.  Whether you own an eCommerce store or an informative blog, using Google Analytics will help you to improve the customer journey.  It allows you to track and understand your customers behaviour, what they’re looking for, how they’re engaging with your business and how you’re providing what they need.  

By carefully analysing this data you can highlight areas of success, any pain points and gaps in the customer journey. If you consistently measure and improve the journey you’ll push customers further down the sales funnel and see an increase in conversions.

There are many metrics and data sets you can use to improve the customer journey, below is a summary of a few of my favourite reports.

1. Streamline the journey (Navigation)

Found in: Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages

For many GA users this function is pretty hidden – but once you find it, it’s something you’ll use over and over again. You’ll find the navigation summary at the top next to the explorer tab.

Within the navigation report you can view the navigation of users on a page – where they came from and where they went next.

By viewing this data you can come to some conclusions as to why users may have taken the path they did. If you identify common paths you could offer the information on the same page to save the user unnecessary clicks to try and find the right information.