What is Customer Journey Mapping and How to Start?

If you strive for a customer centric culture, you have to understand the customer journey – every step of the way! Customer journey mapping is a powerful way to find pain points and opportunities in your customer experience.  It offers a realistic view of the journey your customers have with your brand, service or product.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the customer’s experience of interacting with your brand. A typical customer journey map begins with the first exposure that the customer has with your brand or product and follows their engagement through to the point of sale and beyond. 

Why do you need a map?

Although we may think we know what the customers go through because we have built and understand the processes, we often don’t. Understanding the true journey from the customers eyes helps to find simple ways to improve the customer experience by uncovering gaps and pain points in the journey.

A map can also be used to plan long term changes to improve the customer experience. Having today’s journey and an ideal journey identified can help you discover and fill in the gaps of those experiences.

And finally, customer journey mapping is a good tool to stress test new products, services or offering for customers. 

How to prepare your map?