12 Common Product Page Mistakes That Kill Conversions

You’ve got traffic flowing but low conversions, sound familiar? Assuming you have the RIGHT

someone checking out on a website product page

traffic, chances are you’re missing essential elements your visitors need to convert to buyers.

The product page is usually the last thing that separates a window shopper from a buying customer - so you need to get it right. In this article I am going to show you how to improve conversion rates by avoiding some of the common product page mistakes I see people making every day!

And even huge e-commerce sites are falling down on these points; they’re failing to optimise their product pages.

Your Product Pages are Probably Missing Key Information

Every product page has just one job – it needs to convince the visitor that the product is worth buying.

In order to get the most out of your traffic, and increase your conversions you need to ensure you don’t make the following, common product page mistakes.

1. Poor Site Speed and Navigation

Consumers are getting more impatient than ever. They’ll leave your site if it’s either too slow to load, or it’s taking them too long to find what they’re looking for.

And make sure it is optimised for mobile - it's surprising how many websites still don't think about mobile browsing.