Inspiring 404 Page Ideas to Convert Visitors into Customers

404 page idea example
Turn your 404 page into an opportunity

Your '404 page cannot be found' page is a landing page no one wants to land on. But if visitors will land there anyway, why not make the most of it and turn a negative experience into a positive one? You can even turn it into an opportunity!

In this article I’ll show you some 404 page ideas to convert visitors into leads by giving them a positive customer experience.

What are 404 Pages?

A 404 error (HTTP 404), also called a “header response code” or “http status code”, or simply "crawl errors", is the computer equivalent of saying “Not Found” or “Page Not Found.”

When a visitor clicks on a link to a deleted or moved page they’ll see your 404 page template. They’ll also see it if they mistype a URL, or click on a broken link.

You know the feeling. You click an interesting looking link to a page that you want to read, and Bam! 404 ERROR – Page Not Found. The result – annoyance and poor customer experience.

Although 404 page content can be annoying for a user, you can use them as an opportunity to connect with your audience. A well designed 404 page template can be the difference between someone bouncing from your website and a happy user. Here’s are some 4040 page best practices that will turn a negative experience into a positive experience:

404 Page Ideas that Improve the User Experience - the 404 best practices & example of 404 Pages