Website Tips for Bookkeepers and Accountants

In this video I join Zoe Whitman and Jo Wood from the 6 Figure Bookkeeper to discuss what Bookkeepers need to know about websites and how they can optimise their website to get more traffic from Google and turn more of this traffic into enquiries and sales.

Wondering if you need a website, what you should put on your website? Looking to get more leads and sales from your website? Need some conversion optimisation tips that will work ASAP? Check out this playlist of marketing tips to help you continue to grow your small business.

Summary notes from the video...

What makes a good website for bookkeepers?

It’s important to have a website to attract leads, and clients to your business but if it’s not done right you’ll simply send your traffic to the next website on the list.

What makes a good website if one that is easy to use, optimised for SEO (especially local SEO) and is ALL about the customer and not the business! I know that sounds backwards but hear me out.

Make it about the customer

What’s important is why someone is on the website, what’s the challenge they’re facing, why are they need help and how can you, the business help them. It’s not just about the features, the pricing and the company itself, your website needs to focus on the customer.

Once you understand the customer, their intent, their emotional triggers you can then decide what copy to use, what images to use, what social proof to add.

For example, your landing pages should start with a strong value proposition, why the customer would choose you or your service, what is the desired outcome they're l