5 Essential Landing Page Conversion Metrics to Track

5 key metrics reports in Google Analytics to help you generate more leads and improve your landing page conversions.

Monitoring your landing page conversion rate metrics helps you create a more attractive, engaging, and effective landing page. By tracking the right conversion metrics, you can double down on what's working (and get rid of what isn't!).

It’s not that complicated to track and measure them if you follow this advice!

What Are Conversion Metrics?

They are common metrics you should follow in Google Analytics to measure your conversion optimisation success of your website and individual webpages.

Why it's Important to Track Your Landing Page Conversion Metrics

Even the most simple landing pages have dozens of different images, headings, copy, and forms - each of which is a chance to improve your signup, downloads or purchase conversions.

Tracking your landing page metrics allows you to improve your landing pages over time, aligning your messaging with your audience' needs, and fixing any holes in your signup funnel, shopping funnel etc. Plus, getting a higher ROI.

Using Google Analytics to Measure Your Landing Page Metrics

I’d recommend using Google Analytics to measure your landing page conversion metrics. It's a free solution and provides valuable insights that help you shape your business success strategy and increase conversions.

Whether you run an eCommerce store or an informative blog, Google Analytics will help you turn more visitors into sales. It allows you to track and understand your customer behaviour, what they’re looking for, how they’re engaging with your business and how you’re providing what they need.

By carefully analysing this data, you can highlight areas of success, any pain points, and gaps in the customer experience. If you consistently measure and improve the experience you’ll push customers further down the sales funnel and ultimately see an increase in conversions.

There are many metrics and data sets you can use to improve landing page conversions. Here are some of the basic reports I would suggest looking at to get you started.