How to Use Emotional Targeting Strategies to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Emotional target image of brain plus heart

Have you been testing and tweaking your website and landing pages in a continuous yet barren attempt to improve your website conversion rates?

Maybe it’s time to stop changing button colours – and to start truly understanding who your visitors are, and what they want.

In this article I'm going to share with your how to go beyond website and landing page “best practices” with a better approach to conversion rate optimisation using customer experience, emotion targeting and psychology.

You'll find out how to effectively research your customer, understand their pain points and see their customer experience through their eyes.

Why? Because, if you can understand your customers decision making process, why they make decisions and what’s behind that decision, you can change everything on your website to really cater to that intent and increase your website conversion rate.

Online Conversion Optimisation is an Integral Part of the Business

I think most business are now starting to see that conversion optimisation is an integral part of the business. In order to drive more conversions, get more leads, more revenues, you have to be testing, doing the right research and trying to optimise the assets that you have whether if it’s your landing pages, your website, your email marketing - all in order to increase your conversions.

Where Your Going Wrong