What is a Landing Page for a Website & Why is it so Important?

No sales funnel is really ever complete without a landing page. The reason is, you need one to convert your traffic to leads and sales.

In this article I'm going to explain to you what is a landing page for a website, why it's important to use them, the key elements you need when building a landing page, and finally some of my favourite landing page examples.

But first, lets get clear on what is a landing page in a website and why you need one.

Here are some shortcuts if you want to skip ahead

- What is a landing page for a website

- What is a landing page vs a homepage?

- Why you need to build a landing page online to increase your conversions?

- When should you use a landing page?

- What tools can you use for building a landing page?

- What steps are involved in building a landing page?