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How to Write Landing Page Copy That Converts

How many times have you looked at your copy and wondered if it is good enough? Or is you have written landing page copy that converts?

Having a landing page that works is an essential step in converting visitors to leads and sales, so it’s important to get the copy exactly right. With the right guidance, you can learn the techniques required to push casual visitors into the desired action. This might be to sign up for a newsletter, watch a video or buy a product. Conversion is very much a science of the mind, how your prospect's mind processes information, makes decisions, and decides to convert. In this post I'll show you 6 techniques that are proven to help you create good landing page copy that converts. After putting your time and resources into generating traffic, here’s how you can turn traffic into revenue by creating great landing page copy.

7 Tips to Write Landing Page Copy That Will Skyrocket Your Revenue 🚀

These landing page copy tips help with every part of the page, from creating strong headlines to crafting the perfect CTA. I've also included great landing page examples that show each tip in action.

1. Write Strong Headlines & Sub Headings​ ✍️

Your headline is the first thing visitors see. It needs to be big, bold and engaging to grab attention. Make a great first impression with your headline and the visitor stays, make a bad one and they bounce. It’s as simple as that.

👉 The best headlines compel consumers to keep reading!​

You can also write eye catching subheadings, CTA buttons and picture captions. After all, at first people skim over the content to figure out if it’s worth reading, and once they decide that it is they’ll dive deeper into the content.

A good heading does 4 things:

❶ It meets the users' expectations (for example, if they followed an online ad that’s already promised them something). This will reduce the bounce rate (percentage of your website visitors who close the tab right away).

❷ It intrigues. Make it interesting and visitors will spend more time on your page.

❸ It clearly states what website visitors need to do on the page. This is how you filter those who don’t have time or money for your product or service.

❹ It helps with SEO. Include keywords for SEO in the H1 tag.

📖 Read How to write catchy headlines for my own examples of catchy headlines and the formula's I use and how to write headlines that convert.

2. Keep It Simple 😜

Don’t over complicate, there’s no need for it. Keep your landing page copy clear and easy to read so the reader isn’t confused by what you’re trying to convey. For example, if you have lots of copy and you're saying the same things over and over remove the fluff and get to the point.

Have you noticed how your spoken words are more casual than the way you write? That’s because when talking in real-time, we don’t have the ability to draft and revise our conversations.

To write effective landing page copy, transfer this conversational tone to your writing. Your readers will feel more engaged when you write in a way that feels real and natural. So drop stuffy words and speak to your audience.

Simple landing pages typically convert better than long and complex pages.

3. Write about the benefits not the features 😊

Visitors care about what you can do for them, not what you do. Write copy that explains how using your product or service (feature) helps your prospects achieve a certain goal or outcome (benefit).

Visitors don’t want to hear about the specifics of your products or services, but instead the benefits that they’ll gain from using them. They care more about the solution than anything else, and if you can demonstrate that your products provide the solution you’re on the right track.

Do not mix up benefits and features. Compare the two:

❶ Benefit: Value your client receives from using this product.

❷ Feature: Element of your business/product that helps your client receive this value. For example, when the iPhone 11 first came out it featured 4K video at 60 fps. For this feature they highlighted the benefit of the video feature as ‘it captures four times more scene, so it’s perfect for action shots like your dog catching a frisbee.’ This connects emotionally to the reader and they’ll remember this image much more than the technical information.

4. Ask Readers to Take Action - the CTA 👉

If you don't ask for conversions, you won't get them. That’s why I suggest you start with the end goal in mind (the whole point of your landing page). All of your copy should be building up to that end goal and conversion.

Action verbs like start, download, or get are an effective tool when writing landing pages because they persuade the reader to take action. ​

Similarly, writing CTA button copy is just as important, if not more so, than the rest of the copy on your page as it encourages users to take a specific action.

👉 Landing page copy that converts is copy that has then end goal in mind!

5. End Strong

Your page will not be complete without a strong call to action and a way to help your website visitors take the first step to a desired result. It can be a standalone button or a contact form.

Tell readers exactly what they need to do next to get closer to acquiring the product or service.

6. Research Your Customers

In order to stand out, you really have to know who your customer is, who your prospect is, and how to grab their attention. The best landing page copy examples are those who write copy that is about the customer and their needs.

Doing this research helps you understand who the person is behind the screen. I’m not talking about the geographical location, their age, the browsers they’re using, or how many times have visited your site.

I’m talking about the emotional triggers that guide their decision making. Once you understand their psyche, their intent, their desires, the things that wake them up at three o’clock in the morning, drive them nuts, it’s so much easier to choose the right copy for your website, to choose the right colours, the right call to action buttons and everything.

To write landing page copy that converts you must use emotional targeting. Read more about how emotional targeting increases conversion rates.

7. Use Customer Testimonials

One of the most powerful conversion copy techniques is not about writing at all; it’s about letting happy customers write your copy for you.

Testimonials produce conversions like nothing else can. It’s impossible to write copy as good as your customer. Why? Because good copy depends on the source, not just the style and substance. Testimonials are compelling because they show the customer what she will experience if she uses your product or service.

👉 Social proof is a powerful addition to your copywriting and marketing strategy.

💡 Tip: Make sure you have testimonials close to your call to actions!

Put your Content to the Test

Before starting your landing page content, make sure you understand the basics of what has been presented in this article on how to write landing page copy that converts and how to track your landing page metrics. Keep the copy simple, to the point and explain the benefits of what you’re offering. And remember, your landing page copywriting doesn’t end once you write your content. You can run tests to ensure the text is optimised to create the best results possible. A/B testing allows two different versions of a landing page to be tested. You could test out different headlines, CTA’s and much more to get the best conversion rate possible.

How to Write Good Copy for SEO

For every page of content, there should only be one topic or target keyword phrase for that page. So if you have 10 topics or phrases you want to be found for, you should have at least 10 pages of content.

When you create the content, you have at least 12 places you can put your keyword phrase. The more of these that you match, the more you’re telling Google, “This page is all about the topic: ‘keyword phrase'”.

📖 You can read more about it here - where and how to use keywords for SEO.

How to Write Landing Page Content

Writing good copy for your websites doesn't need to be difficult. You need to make sure you put yourself in the customers shoes, write to them, answer their pain point and be the solution they're looking for.

As a final checklist make sure do the following:

✅ Make your headline big, strong, and clear.

✅ Use a compelling subheadline that pushes your product’s benefits.

✅ Show large pictures that demonstrate the benefits of your products and explain your message.

✅ Use strong copy in your CTA.

✅ Break your copy up into major sections, led by a headline with large type.

✅ Use bullet points to discuss benefits of your product. Short bullet points. Not long ones.

✅ Use short paragraphs, rather than long blocks of text. Any paragraph over five lines long can be hard to digest.

✅ Use captions on your images.

With these expert tips, you’ll have no trouble writing landing page copy that converts for your webinars, ebooks, thank you pages and other lead magnets. Check out these landing page examples to create the best landing page possible. Then, put those skills to use and create a simple landing page of your own.

👉 If you've got some pages with great copy, or websites you like for their copy drop a link in the comments to help inspire other readers.


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