How to Write Headlines That Will Skyrocket Conversions

Your headline is the first thing your visitors sees when they land on your page. Make a great

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first impression with your headline and the visitor stays, make a bad one and they bounce. It’s as simple as that. So how do you take your headline strategy from boring to thrilling and learn how to write headlines that convert?

Easy - keep reading!

The best headlines compel consumers to keep reading!

First i'll discuss the key elements all great headlines need. Then, i'm going to share with you my own examples of catchy headlines, the formula's I use and how to write headlines that convert.

5 Elements Your Headline Needs to Include

1. Use Compelling Words

When writing catchy headlines, always try to use compelling words. Use numbers to convey value. Replace overused adjectives with descriptive words that help you stand out and say something unique. Ask questions, include calls to action, and try using strong language that gets attention.

2. Keep It Short

Keep your titles short and sweet yet completely unique. In most cases, headlines under 55 characters and around six words tend to perform best on all accounts.

3. Promises a Benefit to the Reader

If your headline isn’t useful to readers, they likely won’t continue reading the rest of your copy. If you can include a big benefit in your headline, you dramatically increase the chances of hooking your readers

4. Be Specific

Your headline should always be clear and specific so that readers know that it’s intended for them.

5. Add Curiosity

You need to trigger curiosity to encourage the reader to keep scrolling.

55 Great examples of Catchy Headlines

Creating attention grabbing headlines for each piece of content doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. By using the following 50 formula's you can create your own catchy headlines in no time.

How to Write Headlines for High Converting Sales Pages

Your sales page headline needs to be eye catching, to the point and showing the reader what the benefit is to them. A great headline will increase your conversions. Use these headline formulas to increase conversions:

The Best Way to Get X Without Y

e.g. The Best Way to Get Ripped Without a Gym Membership

It’s Time to Turn Your X into Y

e.g. It's Time to Turn Your Side Hustle into a Business

You’re Just [# amount of time] Away From [desired result]

e.g. You're 6 weeks Away From Your Beach Ready Body

It’s Time We Take the [stress/frustrations/worry/etc.] Out of [thing your offer is about]

e.g. It's Time to Take the Stress out of Your Website Design

Say “bye-bye” to [undesired result] and Hello to [desired outcome]

e.g. Say bye bye to Your Floordrobe and Hello to Your Organised Wardrobe

You're Running out of X Here's How to Fix it

e.g. You're Running out of Energy! Here's How to Fix It

We need to talk about X it's a Y

e.g. We need to talk about AI, it's a game changer

You'll be X if you miss this guide to Y

e.g. You'll be sorry if you miss this guide to writing catchy headlines

Try X and Get Y

e.g. Try pilates and get a Six Pack

The Unbelievably Easy Way To [Accomplish Something]

e.g. The Unbelievably Easy Way To Increase Your Website Traffic

The Guaranteed Method For Avoiding [Common Mistake]

e.g. The Guaranteed Method For Avoiding Student Debt