Where and How to Use Keywords for SEO - Google

If you don’t understand how to use keywords for SEO Google then you're losing valuable traffic to your website. It's as simple as that.

Whenever you create content for your website (like a pillar web page or a blog post), you must consider search engine optimisation (SEO) too. Creating content that focuses on a single topic, essentially a keyword phrase, helps you get found on search engines like Google.

Every page should target one individual keyword phrase!

For every page of content, there should only be one topic or target keyword phrase for that page. So if you have 10 topics or phrases you want to be found for, you should have at least 10 pages of content.

When you create the content, you have at least 12 places you can put your keyword phrase. The more of these that you match, the more you’re telling Google, “This page is all about the topic: ‘keyword phrase'”. Read more about the best keywords research tools to use.

In this article, I'm going to show you how to use keywords for SEO the RIGHT way so you get the traffic, leads, and sales you need and the 12 places you need to put them.

If you'd rather watch a video then this one details how to use keywords for SEO Google.

12 Places to Use Keywords for SEO Google